Custom Pewter Work

As a courtesy, Nagle Forge & Foundry provides custom design and casting services for Clans, Clubs, Bands, Corporations and Events interested in creating a quality commemorative pin or medallion.

All of our custom pewter work is done to the same high standards when making our own designs. And all of our custom commissions are made in the same California workshops where we make all of our regular line. We are proud to be an American based company and we are proud that all of our items are designed and made in the United States of America.

A custom commission is a complicated and rewarding process that, hopefully, results in just the right object for the right occasion. However, although we would like to help as many people as possible, we are well aware that custom work is not always the best option for everyone. And, as we also have a busy schedule of our own (design work, model making, casting and finishing), and custom work is often quite time consuming, we have had to design a few rules to make custom work feasible for both us and the client.

1) For any Custom Medallion or Pin order we have a 50 piece minimum.

Due to the design and mold making process we use, it is generally not cost effective to even consider a custom job involving less than 50 pieces of any one design. This minimum is for the initial order only, and we are happy to serve re-orders of one or two items at a time.

2) In order to quote a job we require at least some rough artwork, the desired dimensions (within 1/8th of an inch) and the quantity of the initial order.

However, we are always happy to help in the design process, or to fully design a piece (to suit a particular purpose) if necessary. And, if possible, we will offer suggestions that may help to lower the overall cost of the piece or increase the strength of the finished item.

3) For all of our custom pewter work we use the same high quality lead-free-pewter alloy that we use for our own art pieces, we use the same non-toxic antiquing process that we use for our own pewter brooches, and we produce everything in our same work shop here in California.

We do not believe in making a lesser, or disposable, line. We believe that if something is worth making, it is worth making to last. As a result, we offer the same guarantee Oris Replica Watches for our custom pewter medallions, pins and badges as we do for our own pieces: If a piece is broken or damaged in the course of normal use, we will fix it or replace it.

4) Because we guarantee all of our work, and because we intend to be in business a very long time, we keep all of the molds that we have made in our archives until they are no longer useable.

Any molds that we have made remain in our possession. We will never produce a custom client’s design for anyone else. However, any molds that we have made remain in our possession. We do not make molds for other producers.

5) We require a minimum of six weeks lead time (from the time the artwork is agreed on) to produce any custom order.

Completion times vary depending on the size and complexities of a specific job, as well as the other jobs we are working on. Once we have agreed on artwork we will guarantee a specific completion date.

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