March 9th –Anniversary of the Publication of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations in 1776

We look back at 18th century Scotland as a romantic period, but it was also a period when a handful of Scottish thinkers –including Adam Smith the father of economics– gave birth to the Scottish Enlightenment –the business world, and the world in

We at Nagle Forge & Foundry do not make anything with a specifically "Cornish" motif. We have also never made a piece dedicated to the Cornish Saint. However, tin is the primary component of pewter and we use over 1,200 pounds of tin in a given year so we like to think that most of our pieces are a tribute to the Cornish Saint Pirran.

March 5th –St. Piran’s Day a.k.a. St. Perran or Pyran. A 6th century Irishman who literally washed ashore in Cornwall, Piran is credited with bringing Celtic-style Christianity to Cornwall. The Cornish Saint is also dear to our hearts at Nagle Forge & Foundry because he is the patron saint of tinners –tin being one of the primary products of Cornwall

March 1st –St. David’s Day The Feast Day of St. David, patron saint of Wales. A 6th century Welsh monk who praised –and lived– a simple life. David is something of a folk hero for the Welsh. In life he ministered to the Welshmen who defended Wales against the Saxon invaders –and is linked to the tradition of displaying leeks

Kildare --An inland county, just west of Dublin, Kildare is woven through with some of Ireland’s most important rivers --including the Barrow, the Boyne and the Liffey. Once a part of the Kingdom of Leinster, Kildare already had an ancient history --stretching back to at least the Bronze Age-- when St. Brigid founded a religious community there sometime in the early sixth century. Later in the ninth century Kildare’s rivers made it easy for Viking raiders --moving inland from Dublin-- to establish an area of settlement known as the Dyflinkarskiri. However, famous as Kildare is for its fish it is even more famous for its horses and, in recent centuries, its horse races. (In the early 20th century Kildare was also the site of one of Ireland’s first motor races.)

February 1st –The Feast Day of St. Brigid of Kildare

February First is traditionally celebrated as the Feast Day of St. Brigid –or Brigit– of Kildare.

Born to an enslaved mother and a pagan Irish chieftain sometime in the 5th century, Brigid was raised among Druids. Early in the Christian Missionary period she was Baptized &

Burns Posey Ring

January 25th –Burns’ Night

The Bard’s Birthday. The author of Auld Lang Syne, Tam o’ Shanter, The Cottar’s Saturday Night, and the mournfully romantic Mary in Heaven, as well as hundreds of other classics Robbie Burns, the rustic “ploughman poet,” was beloved by lords and ploughboys alike in the late 18th century.

Despite his fame, Burns’

The Irish Celtic Cross

While the High Crosses of Ireland are Medieval in their pageantry –covered with Saints and symbols, incised with intricate knotwork– at heart the Celtic Cross is a simple design that almost certainly predates Christianity by a millennium or more. The original meaning of those early Celtic Crosses has been lost. Is it

Scottish Star

This magnificent Plaid Brooches features a bold Star of David surrounded with a traditional Celtic ring of shields inlaid with blue glass Millefiori. As always… a Nagle Forge & Foundry original….

Between them Edinburgh and Glasgow have seven Synagogues. Today the vast majority of Jewish Scots can trace their

This depiction of St. Andrew is inspired by the depictions of St. Andrew on military badges of the early 19th century.

November 30th –St. Andrew’s Day

In life Andrew never visited Scotland, but his cross today is the basis for the Scottish flag. And as the patron St. of Scotland Andrew is particularly beloved by Scottish military men and women.

In Scotland St. Andrew has been closely associated with military engagements since the early

Roman Germanium Ring

Oktoberfest ”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #7

September 30th & October 1st…

Love Beer? Dachshunds? Fall Fun? For the last weekend of the Renaissance we will be having a Renaissance style Oktoberfest! Check out the home-brew competition… meet the brewers… Wear your lederhosen…

Festival Friday!

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

September 29th…

All stages open… All booths open… Special ticket deals!

We know we aren’t the only people who work weekends so every year the Festival has a bonus Friday for everyone who can’t make it out