This depiction of St. Andrew is inspired by the depictions of St. Andrew on military badges of the early 19th century.

St. Andrew Patron Saint of Scotland –November 30th

November 30th –St. Andrew’s Day In life Andrew never visited Scotland, but his cross today is the basis for the Scottish flag. And as the patron St. of Scotland Andrew is particularly beloved by Scottish military men and women. In Scotland St. Andrew has been closely associated with military engagements since the early 9th century. While at different times different clans would carry the relicts of Saints Fillan, Columba and Ninian into battle with them
Roman Germanium Ring

Oktoberfest at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

“ Oktoberfest ” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #7 September 30th & October 1st… Love Beer? Dachshunds? Fall Fun? For the last weekend of the Renaissance we will be having a Renaissance style Oktoberfest! Check out the home-brew competition… meet the brewers… Wear your lederhosen… Dance & make merry… Own a dachshund? Pre-register your Dachshund for the long-dog races and get special treats for dog and human. This is the last weekend of the 2017

Festival Friday –September 29th at the Minnesota Renaissance Fest

Festival Friday! Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 September 29th… All stages open… All booths open… Special ticket deals! We know we aren’t the only people who work weekends so every year the Festival has a bonus Friday for everyone who can’t make it out on a Saturday or Sunday. As usual there will be fantastic ticket deals and packages offered for Festival Friday. Click here to be taken directly to the Festival Friday page.
Kildare --An inland county, just west of Dublin, Kildare is woven through with some of Ireland’s most important rivers --including the Barrow, the Boyne and the Liffey. Once a part of the Kingdom of Leinster, Kildare already had an ancient history --stretching back to at least the Bronze Age-- when St. Brigid founded a religious community there sometime in the early sixth century. Later in the ninth century Kildare’s rivers made it easy for Viking raiders --moving inland from Dublin-- to establish an area of settlement known as the Dyflinkarskiri. However, famous as Kildare is for its fish it is even more famous for its horses and, in recent centuries, its horse races. (In the early 20th century Kildare was also the site of one of Ireland’s first motor races.)

Shamrocks & Shenanigans at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

“ Shamrocks & Shenanigans ” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #6 September 23rd & 24th… Love Ireland? Love Irish dance? Well… we love Ireland too and this weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is devoted to all things Irish. For more information about the Shamrocks & Shenanigans events at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival –including a Kilt contest– click here to go directly to the relevant page of the mInnesota Renaissance Festival website. Think of it

Sign Language Sat. –(And more at the Minnesota Renaissance Fest…)

Sign Language Sat. + “Pets & Pirates” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #5 September 16th & 17th… On Sat. September 16th there will be sign-language interpreters at all stages and help booths throughout the day. This is also our traditional “Pirate” & “Pet Costume” week… So if Fido loves to play dress up this is your weekend… Even if you don’t have a pet you are welcome to join in the piratical fun. Click here

Wine, Chocolate & Romance –at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

“ Wine, Chocolate & Romance ” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #4 September 9th & 10th… Love chocolate? Love wine? Want a day out with the one you love? Or looking for love? This is your weekend.  For the fourth weekend of the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival the theme of the faire will be love, chocolate and wine. There will be chocolate tastings & wine tastings throughout the day. A chocolate pie eating contest for
Anyone who loves tartan today owes a (fashion) debt to Queen Vicotoria, her uncle, George the IV, and the Sobieski-Stuart brothers. (The Sobieski-Stuart brothers, a determined pair of Stuart pretenders to the throne who were beloved by the fashionable set in Scotland in the early decades of the 19th century, in a very real way re-invented (or simply invented) Clan Tartans in the 1820s, '30s and '40s. They wrote --from quasi whole-cloth-- the definitive book on Clan Tartans and were widely consulted in their day as experts by anyone looking for an "official" Clan Tartan.

Christmas in September –At the Minnesota Renaissance Festival…

“Christmas in September…” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #3 September 2, 3 & 4th… Longing for sugar cookies? Want to get a head start on your shopping? There will be special shopping opportunities and ticket deals for Labor Day Sept. 4th… (Feel free to make your reservations online or at the box office to get the “Christmas in September package.) Did we mention there are special ticket prices for “Christmas in September”? Click here to

Once Upon A Time –At the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

“Once Upon A Time” Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #2 August 26th – 27th 2017 Fantasy comes in all shapes and sizes… Because dreams are truth and truth can be a dream. Our greenpeople are our version of a “once upon a time” masque. Handcrafted and signed by the artist… Stop by Booth #418 and ask to see the “Greenpeople” in person. Love Fantasy? Fairytales? Masks? Knights? Dragons? Steampunk? All the best stories begin with
A desire for a more "modern" look that nevertheless incorporated "traditional" motifs was a hallmark of the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. Suddenly, the Thistle in the machine age could be a modern symbol of a modern Scotland. Not merely a symbol of a Scotland that had become an aging Queen's escape.

Highland Fling! At the Minnesota Renaissance Festival….

HIGHLAND FLING! Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017 Weekend #1 August 19th – 20th 2017 Love Scotland? Love Scottish Athletics? Dancing? Kilts? The skirl of the Pipes? The Renaissance? Once again the Scottish Games will be retuning to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. On Sat. August 19th the 11th Annual World Amateur Highland Heavy Games Championships will be held on Shepherds’ Green. On Sunday the 20th the Midwest Women’s Highland Games will take place. Come both days and cheer

Carolina Nairne –Flower of Strathearn, Literary Light…

August 16th –Lady Nairne’s Birthday Born in 1776, a contemporary of both Robbie Burns and Sir Walter Scott –Burns was 7 years older, Scott 5 years younger– Carolina Nairne was one of the great Scottish literary lights of the post Jacobite era. Following the tradition of the 18th & 19th centuries –a tradition which dictated that while a lady might pursue an artistic career she should never do so under her own name– Lady Nairne