Both Viking and Celtic Art Share An Organic Origin.  
Celtic knotwork --whether it is the colorfully intricate ornamentation of an early Christian Irish prayer book, or the sinuous lines that decorate the hilt of a Bronze Age warrior’s dagger-- is always the most immediately recognizable aspect of High Celtic art. What inspired those knots is, today, a mystery. But... before there was Bronze there was rope. Long before the first Celtic stonemason picked up a chisel to carve the very soul of the Celt into the stones, there were weavers, fisherman and sailors who could make mazes out of twine & rings out of rope. Like the Celts the Vikings were also people of rope. Their ships never sailed without rope, their fisherman never fished without rope, they never tied a bail or set a trap without rope... And rope and braid motifs are staples of Viking Art just as they were part of the daily life of Vikings and Celts alike.

Knot Quadrant


Lead Free Pewter with Detachable Nickel Pin.

Made in U.S.A.

The pin is approximately 75 mm across.

Product Description

One of the first Plaid Brooch designs we ever made, this is still one of our favorites. This is a deceptively simple piece that is actually quite complicated. A simple design of twisted and coiled rope that would have been familiar to any hardworking sailor or farmer a hundred years ago, we have managed to recreate it -in metal- in a version that will easily last another hundred years. This is a sturdy three dimensional piece that gives the appearance of being woven, but is actually cast in one piece. Difficult to make, it is not difficult to wear: If you have been holding your kilt together with an old piece of rope, this is the perfect piece to upgrade your outfit (without getting too fancy).

And, yes, this pin will hold the whole nine yards.

If you like our Knot Quadrant Plaid Brooch you may also be interested in our Knot Pattern Cloak Clasp set and our Woven Knot Cross. Difficult to make, but easy to wear. The ultimate unique accessory for your kilt.


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