Shamrocks & Shenanigans at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Kildare --An inland county, just west of Dublin, Kildare is woven through with some of Ireland’s most important rivers --including the Barrow, the Boyne and the Liffey. Once a part of the Kingdom of Leinster, Kildare already had an ancient history --stretching back to at least the Bronze Age-- when St. Brigid founded a religious community there sometime in the early sixth century. Later in the ninth century Kildare’s rivers made it easy for Viking raiders --moving inland from Dublin-- to establish an area of settlement known as the Dyflinkarskiri. However, famous as Kildare is for its fish it is even more famous for its horses and, in recent centuries, its horse races. (In the early 20th century Kildare was also the site of one of Ireland’s first motor races.)

“ Shamrocks & Shenanigans ”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #6

September 23rd & 24th…

Love Ireland? Love Irish dance? Well… we love Ireland too and this weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is devoted to all things Irish.

For more information about the Shamrocks & Shenanigans events at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival –including a Kilt contest– click here to go directly to the relevant page of the mInnesota Renaissance Festival website.

Think of it as “St. Patrick’s Day in September.” Nagle is an Irish name so we at Nagle Forge & Foundry have always made a wide variety of “Irish” styles for our fellow Irish-Americans.

We are particularly proud of our “Irish County Ship” line. Nagle Forge & Foundry’s  unique Irish County ship series features a pin for every county of Ireland. Each pin is engraved with the symbols of the specific county it represents and comes with a story card with a mini history of the specific county. (At only $37.- these are a wonderful gift item for the sons, daughters and grandchildren of the diaspora.)

Come see us at Booth #418 & ask to see the “Irish Fleet.”