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2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Calendar

A Fairgoer’s Guide to the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Tradition, Fun, Fantasy & More….

August is special for so many reasons… The last warm days of Summer, the first blustery days of Autumn. Fall colors, orange sunsets… Sweet corn, the last tomatoes…

And, for those of us privileged to have the opportunity to escape the mundane for a few hours or days, there is the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Located just outside of Shakopee for nearly fifty years the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is truly a one of a kind experience.

While most Renaissance fairs are temporary 1 or 2 weekend events, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival runs for 7 unique themed weekends & features dozens of entertainment venues and hundreds of booths that were individually built and maintained by Renaissance Craftspeople.

Nagle Forge & Foundry’s “booth” is actually a permanent building –-the second built on that site– and it has withstood nearly twenty fair seasons and nearly twenty Minnesota winters. Every year we look forward to sharing the magic of the Renaissance with you… and we also look forward to sharing our creations with you. We produce over thirty new designs each year & are proud to say… yes we really do make it the way it used to be.

And… much as we strive to create something unique and new every year –while still respecting tradition– this year as every year the Minnesota Renaissance Festival continues to create something unique and new every weekend.

As always there will be special themed events every weekend & unique opportunities for everyone to join the festivities. Make a costume, make some wine, eat cookies, participate in a foot-race, bring your dog, let your dog participate in a race, dance and make merry.


Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #1

August 19th – 20th 2017

Love Scotland? Love Scottish Athletics? Dancing? Kilts? The skirl of the Pipes? The Renaissance?

Once again the Scottish Games will be retuning to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

On Sat. August 19th the 11th Annual World Amateur Highland Heavy Games Championships will be held on Shepherds’ Green.

On Sunday the 20th the Midwest Women’s Highland Games will take place. Come both days and cheer on your favorite athletes.

Throughout the weekend there will also be demonstrations of Scottish dancing, a Kilt competition (feel free to wear your kilt & join the fun) & performances by Celtic musicians. For more information about joining in the festivities click here to check out the Minnesota Renaissance Highland Fling page. 

Want to add shopping to your Highland weekend at the Renaissance? We at Nagle Forge & Foundry will be in our regular Booth #418 but we will also have a tent set up near the Games site with an expanded display of our decorative and fully functional Made in America Plaid Brooches and Kilt Belt Buckles!

Did you know Nagle Forge & Foundry handcrafts over 25 styles of fully guaranteed and fully functional Kilt Belt Buckles? We also make over one hundred and forty Plaid Brooch styles. First weekend gets first choice of all of our new styles so be sure to ask for the “new styles” as well as our classic Thistles and Luckenbooths!

Want to go directly to the Highland Fling page? Click here.…issance-festival/

“Once Upon A Time”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #2

August 26th – 27th 2017

Love Fantasy? Fairytales? Masks? Knights? Dragons? Steampunk? All the best stories begin with “once upon a time…” For the second weekend of the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival we are encouraging everyone to create their own stories and their own costumes.

This is a weekend for the creative, crafty, costumey and athletic…

Make your own mask, build a fairyhouse. Compete in the steampunk costume competition.

Always wanted to be Robin Hood? Sign up for the longbow competition.

Fleet of foot? Try the 9:00AM 5k race on Sunday…

For more information about participating in one of the great costume events click here to check out the Minnesota Renaissance Highland Fling page. 

At Nagle Forge & Foundry we love fantasy too… so for the second weekend we will be featuring our full collection of Dragon pins at our booth #418.

“Christmas in September…”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #3

September 2, 3 & 4th…

Longing for sugar cookies? Want to get a head start on your shopping? There will be special shopping opportunities and ticket deals for Labor Day Sept. 4th…

(Feel free to make your reservations online or at the box office to get the “Christmas in September package.)

Did we mention there are special ticket prices for “Christmas in September”? Click here to go the Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s Christmas in September page to check out the deals. Start your shopping trip by treating yourself to a fun day out.

Brunch, shopping, cookies, a “Holiday Sweater” contest and more…

As always we at Nagle Forge & Foundry offer layaway and gift wrap for all of our pieces.


“ Wine, Chocolate & Romance ”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #4

September 9th & 10th…

Love chocolate? Love wine? Want a day out with the one you love? Or looking for love? This is your weekend. 

For the fourth weekend of the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival the theme of the faire will be love, chocolate and wine. There will be chocolate tastings & wine tastings throughout the day. A chocolate pie eating contest for people who really love chocolate. And for all the would-be wine-makers out there you can join the fun and help stomp some grapes.

If you want to celebrate your love this is the weekend for free vow renewals… (You do need to pre-register at least fifteen minutes in advance.)

And… for those still looking for love there will be a few special events too… So prep your lines & get ready to meet someone…

For more information about participating in the wine stomp, chocolate pie eating contest, singles events or vow renewals click here to check out the event page at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival & find out more about the wine, chocolate and romance weekend.

Sign Language Sat.


“Pets & Pirates”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #5

September 16th & 17th…

On Sat. September 16th there will be sign-language interpreters at all stages and help booths throughout the day.

This is also our traditional “Pirate” & “Pet Costume” week… So if Fido loves to play dress up this is your weekend… Even if you don’t have a pet you are welcome to join in the piratical fun.

Click here to go directly to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival page to get more information about Sign Language Saturday and the Pets & Pirates Competitions this weekend.

“ Shamrocks & Shenanigans ”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #6

September 23rd & 24th…

Love Ireland? Love Irish dance? Well… we love Ireland too and this weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is devoted to all things Irish.

For more information about the Shamrocks & Shenanigans events at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival –including a Kilt contest– click here to go directly to the relevant page of the mInnesota Renaissance Festival website.

Think of it as “St. Patrick’s Day in September.” Nagle is an Irish name so we at Nagle Forge & Foundry have always made a wide variety of “Irish” styles for our fellow Irish-Americans.

We are particularly proud of our “Irish County Ship” line. Nagle Forge & Foundry’s  unique Irish County ship series features a pin for every county of Ireland. Each pin is engraved with the symbols of the specific county it represents and comes with a story card with a mini history of the specific county. (At only $37.- these are a wonderful gift item for the sons, daughters and grandchildren of the diaspora.)

Come see us at Booth #418 & ask to see the “Irish Fleet.”

Festival Friday!

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

September 29th…

All stages open… All booths open… Special ticket deals!

We know we aren’t the only people who work weekends so every year the Festival has a bonus Friday for everyone who can’t make it out on a Saturday or Sunday.

As usual there will be fantastic ticket deals and packages offered for Festival Friday. Click here to be taken directly to the Festival Friday page.


“ Oktoberfest ”

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2017

Weekend #7

September 30th & October 1st…

Love Beer? Dachshunds? Fall Fun? For the last weekend of the Renaissance we will be having a Renaissance style Oktoberfest! Check out the home-brew competition… meet the brewers… Wear your lederhosen… Dance & make merry…

Own a dachshund? Pre-register your Dachshund for the long-dog races and get special treats for dog and human.

This is the last weekend of the 2017 Renaissance season so… make sure you make note of any special items you want to pick-up (or mail order) for that special someone in your life. Especially if you are that special someone…

As always we will be in Booth #418.

Interested in the details of the dachshund competition? Click here to be taken directly to the Oktoberfest page.