Daffodil Brooch

St. David, Patron Saint of Wales…

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The Feast Day of St. David, patron saint of Wales. A 6th century Welsh monk who praised –and lived– a simple life. David is something of a folk hero for the Welsh. In life he ministered to the Welshmen who defended Wales against the Saxon invaders –and is linked to the tradition of displaying leeks on March 1st as a symbol of solidarity. In prophecy, David, like King Arthur, is said to return in spirit whenever Wales is in danger. Today the three recognized symbols of Wales are the Welsh Dragon, the Leek and the Daffodil. Hardy as a Daffodil is –and generally in bloom on St. David’s Day– Daffodils make poor cut flowers and, like all flowers are not permanent. If you would like to give a year round nod to Wales, St. David and the Daffodil may we suggest our hardy bronze Daffodil Earrings?

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Daffodil Earring 2
Inspired by the symbolic first flower of Spring we at Nagle Forge & Foundry painstakingly crafted the miniature daffodil models for this pair of earrings. Each pair of earrings consist of a left and right daffodil “bouquet” cast from high quality jeweler’s bronze. Garnished with perfectly faceted petite Citrine stones and lustrous cultured freshwater “coin” pearls. Sterling silver hooks, because your ears deserve nothing less. A quiet homage to the Patron Saint of Wales.