2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival –Calendar & Coupons

Nagle Forge & Foundry Fine Jewelers At The Renaissance Festival Quality American Made pewter, Bronze, Sterling Silver & Gold Booth #418 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Calendar A Fairgoer’s Guide to the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Tradition, Fun, Fantasy & More…. August is special for so many reasons… The last warm days of Summer, the first blustery days of Autumn. Fall colors, orange sunsets… Sweet corn, the last tomatoes… And, for those of us privileged to
Viking Ship Seal Ring

The Northmen: The Viking Influence on the Celtic World

Traders, Fisherman, Farmers, Artists, Carpenters, Builders, Predators… The Vikings, when they swept out of their Northern homelands in the 8th century A.D. were all that and more. Viking warriors guarded the Emperors of Byzantium, dragged –literally– the King of the Franks from his throne & raided the monasteries of Western Europe. The Vikings were a sea people. Men and women with the courage to take to the North Atlantic in open ships that flexed with
A quality tartan of course can never be accused of being "tourist tat" --but with so much color it is blindly obvious that accessories must also incorporate a world of color. And, historically, they did.

Anniversary of the Repeal of Proscription –Celebrate Freedom!

July 1st –The Anniversary of the Repeal of Proscription In 1747, in the harsh aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, British authorities banned the wearing of the tartan –and imposed other penalties on acts which, in the aftermath of Culloden hinted of Scottish nationalism. Over thirty years later, on July 1st, 1782, the Proscription Act was repealed and Scots could once again display their tartans.  (Whether the Plaid was a complete unknown in Scotland in

Jewels of an Empire: Scotland, India, Burma and a World of Color…

A World of Color: Gems, Jewels, Treasure & a Great Big Plaid Brooch Embracing Color in Scotland’s Era of Empire Color has always played a tremendous role in traditional Celtic dress and has continued to play a tremendous role in traditional Scottish dress to this day. Tartan, after all, is practically synonymous with Scotland. (So ubiquitous in fact that some Scots feel tartan has just gotten too touristy…) A quality tartan of course can never

The Scottish Industrial Revolution & the Making of Modern Scotland

Today the Scotland that is cemented in our collective imagination as the “traditional” Scotland is very much a creation of the 19th century… a hazy combination of Victorian Romanticism and historical novels that seem to have sprung full formed from some rocky loch side castle in 1855. The romantic in all of us prefers to forget the harsh reality of the Scottish Industrial Revolution. Instead… “Scotland” generally conjures up visions of Queen Victoria. (And rightfully

Jacobites, Georgians & Victorians: The Making of “Romantic Scotland”

“Romantic Scotland” is, today, an almost inescapable term. Scotland’s scenery, history, plaintive ballads and colorful traditions all seem like the definition of romance… What, after all, could be more romantic than an elegant lady of yesteryear wrapped in a tartan sash? The reality of course… was a little less elegant. And far more beautiful. Three hundred years ago few outsiders would have called Scotland “romantic” –& the modern notion of Scotland as a peculiarly “romantic”

Accessorizing the Renaissance Dress

By Sarah This article was originally published in the Nagle Forge & Foundry newsletter between 2002 & 2003. Due to space constraints (& printing costs) the original article had to be heavily edited. As many people commented at the time that they found this article useful we have decided to revise and expand it prior to adding it to Notes. As this is an expanded edition of the original article the decision was made to

Birth Stones

Historical Birthstones, Modern Birthstones: Your Birth Stone Over the years we have been asked –by, it sometimes seems, everyone– to show examples of the January birthstone, the April birthstone, Mom’s birthstone, Dad’s birthstone, my birthstone: We always answer people the same way, “Pick a stone, any stone. It has probably been (or will be) the birthsone you are looking for at some point in history.” This is a frustrating answer to a frustrating question. Over

Kilt Pins (a.k.a. Plaid Brooches)

What They Are, How They Work, Where They Go: (& why they have two names)! History, fashion, common usage, & our own stubborn refusal to move with the times and gracefully accept the changes of the modern age (anything post 1840 –actually we have accepted a lot of post 1840 changes, just not when it comes to design…) have conspired to confuse and mystify a number of our Kilt wearing customers, Kilt admiring customers, and

Custom Pewter Work

As a courtesy, Nagle Forge & Foundry provides custom design and casting services for Clans, Clubs, Bands, Corporations and Events interested in creating a quality commemorative pin or medallion. All of our custom pewter work is done to the same high standards when making our own designs. And all of our custom commissions are made in the same California workshops where we make all of our regular line. We are proud to be an American