Sashes & Pins


The rules regarding how a woman should wear a sash and where she should pin it are so codified –and, often, riddled with “exceptions to the rule”— that it is sometimes easy to overlook the many chic, practical and traditional styles of wearing a sash. Luckily there are a number of chic sash styles that allow a woman to honor her heritage, express her individuality and still look stylish. (The only hard and fast rule that should concern most modern women is that it is generally considered in poor taste for any woman who is not the wife of a Clan Chief or the the wife of a Colonel in a British regiment to wear her sash over her left shoulder. …Of course, there are exceptions to this rule too. If you are a member of a dance society or club you may wish to ask for a list of your organization’s rules. And yes, these rules were codified decades ago by men who bravely ignored the existence of lady chiefs and never dreamed that there might someday be female colonels.)

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A Sash for Your Hat