18th Dynasty Egyptian Ring


Inspired by History. Egyptian Sunworshipper Ring.

Made to order in the United States.

Sterling Silver. Whole and half sizes, 7-12 available.


Three thousand years ago the land of the Pharaohs was already ancient. And yet, while much of Egypt’s earliest history truly is lost in the sands of time -an eternal mystery we can study and investigate but never solve- of all the Ancient Civilizations the Egypt of Ramses the Great, Hatshepsut the female Pharoah, Ahkenaten the rebel monotheistic Pharaoh, Ahmose, Ahmenhotep, Nefertiti the Beautiful and -of course- Tutankhamen the Boy King, still intrigues.

The Nile –a blue life-giving snake winding through an ocean of sand- gave birth to one of the first great civilizations and many of Egypt’s greatest monuments were already time scarred ruins when Rome first rose from the swamps.

Our 18th Dynasty Egyptian Ring is a nod to the styles of Egypt 1,500 years before Cleopatra ruled. But the original of this ring would never have been worn by the men and women who ruled the two kingdoms as Gods. Instead it was likely worn by a merchant or farmer who greeted the sun each morning with joy and blessed the cool of night and the shade of the Date Palms that stood like life-affirming sentinels along the Nile.