Byzantine Cross Earrings


Cast Bronze and Sterling Silver Byzantine Cross Style Earrings.

This style features lustrous cultured freshwater “coin” pearls.

Approximately two inches long, hooks included.


Byzantium, fabled capitol of the Eastern Empire. Home of the Hagia Sophia & the Golden Horn. After the fall of Rome, Byzantium -modern day Istanbul- became the capitol of an Empire that straddled Eastern Europe, Anatolia and part of Asia.

The city endured as Christianity replaced the old Roman Pantheon and the Barbarians who had obliterated the Western Empire became the kings of Medieval Europe.

Inspired by the art of the Byzantine Empire, these Byzantine Cross Earrings are light, but very eye-catching. Each earring consists of a cast bronze (Byzantine Cross) element suspended from sterling silver ear wires and accented with a single cultured freshwater “coin” pendant pearl. Even the great Empress Theodora would have been impressed with these classic earrings.