Call of Ireland


Lead Free Pewter with Detachable Nickel Pin.

Made in U.S.A.

The pin is approximately 75 mm across.


This design is based on the looping dot and curl patterns that decorate the gold rims of the great Calling Horns of ancient Ireland. A beautiful piece of stylized Celtic art, this Plaid Brooch calls out from a time of legends and heroes to our own time. And, like all good Celtic art, it is timeless. Simple enough to wear with almost anything, beautiful enough to wear almost everywhere.

And, like all of our Plaid Brooches, this pin will hold the whole nine yards. The detachable handmade nickel pin limits the strain on the cast front piece and makes it possible to wear as a pendant as well as a brooch. We designed and made this pin to wear well for decades. And of course, all of our Plaid Pins come with our full life-time guarantee: If it is broken or damaged in any way, we will fix it or replace it. (As a special order this piece is also available in gold-plate.)