Medieval Floral

Medeival Style Wedding Bands and Solitaires.

Made to order. 14k Yellow, White or Rose Gold Available.

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The Medieval Floral wedding ring pattern is an adaptation of a stylized rose motif which was popular in late 12th century medieval France. This design of interlacing branches and leaves is based on several surviving examples of enamel which were made in Limoges -a center of the naturalistic floral styles that blossomed throughout France and Western Europe. Although this is probably our heaviest band, it is a particularly comfortable ring to wear. This design is deeply cut into the ring and is very bold. Pretty without being prissy it’s meant to last and look even more beautiful in a hundred years than it does today.

Due to fluctuating gold markets all prices are subject to change. For a current price quote please contact us.

This is a romantic style that balances the symmetry of a Gothic grille with the romance of a wild garden. It is popular with both men and women.