St. Andrew’s Cross Earring 2


Cast Bronze and Sterling Silver St. Andrew’s Cross Style Earrings.

This style features lustrous cultured freshwater “Biwa-Style” elongated irregular baroque pearls.

Approximately two and one half inches long, hooks included.


Scotland was once known for its “River Pearls” -in fact, rumor has it that Ceasar invaded Britain for the prize of the Celtic tribes’ river pearls. Coal mining ended -more or less- the trade in Scottish pearls when Victoria was still a young bride. But, although the trade in Scottish pearls ended, the Scot’s love of pearls did not. Pearls however, were precious things and, until the Great War, a good strand of pearls was worth the price of a grand mansion. Most women had to make do with “pearlies” (clever, and often very pretty, simulants). Luckily, the Japanese were about to develop a method for culturing pearls, and women would never wear pearls quite the same way again. “River pearls” were never regular, each one unique, natural, almost impossible to match, a bit Baroque, Traditionally, pearl earrings were never a perfect match. These days the obsession with matching means that many pearls don’t really look like pearls anymore. They are round, they are white, but they don’t glow with the soft mirror sheen of a river pearl. These cultured freshwater Biwa-style baroque pearls come as close to river pearls as it is possible to get these days. Lustrous, a little irregular, hand matched, individual. A perfect compliment to our St. Andrew’s style earrings.Style from another era, Made today, just for you. Timeless quality, cast bronze, cultured freshwater pearls, sterling silver hooks because your ears deserve nothing less. And you don’t even have to mortgage the mansion for them.