Daffodil Earring 2


Cast Bronze and Sterling Silver Daffodil Earrings.

This style features baroque tumbled Citrine “pears”.

Approximately two inches long, hooks included.


Trapped Sunlight. A natural yellow variety of Quartz, Citrine can vary from an almost lemon -citrus- yellow to a darker cognac shade of brown.

Far more translucent than its sister stone Rose Quartz, Citrine -when pale- can have the look of trapped sunlight. What could be a more perfect match to the bold, yet modest, beauty of a Daffodil. The bright shining flower of Spring.

Each pair of earrings consist of a left and right daffodil “bouquet” cast from high quality jeweler’s bronze. Garnished with cabochone style pear cut pale yellow Citrines. Finished with sterling silver hooks, because your ears deserve nothing less. A perfect gift so that you can wear Spring throughout the year.