Moravian Heart Ring


Inspired by History. Magna Moravian Ring.

Made to order in the United States.

Sterling Silver. Whole and half sizes, 7-12 available.


Magna Moravia & the Migration Period

The collapse of the Western Roman Empire was hastened by the onslaught of semi-Nomadic tribes who stormed across Western, Northern and parts of Southern Europe in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th centuries. Labelled Barbarians by the Romans who could not hold off the German, Gothic, Visigothic, Hunnish and Slavic tribes that overwhelmed the Empire, the tribes that swarmed across Europe as darkness fell on the Roman Empire lacked the urbane sophistication of decadent Rome, but they were anything but culturally lacking. In a time of darkness they built a brilliant and vibrant culture centered around family, clan and tribe. In barely three centuries (c. 500 A.D. – 800 A.D.) they spread from the Baltic to the Black Sea, from the coast of Dalmatia to the banks of the Dnieper, from the dark Carpathians to sunny Spain. Today the history of the Migration period is lost in the mist of time. But even today it is nearly impossible to till a field in what was -for a brief time- the heart of the Moravian and Bohemian Empires without turning up some scrap of iron, bronze or glass -a colorful relict of a lost time. Our Moravian Heart ring is based on a Bronze original that was likely made sometime during the second half of the first millennium in what was then Magna Moravia, the Dark Age Empire of the Bohemians and the Moravians.