Roman Bird Ring


Inspired by History. Ancient Roman Ring.

Made to order in the United States.

Sterling Silver. Whole and half sizes, 6-12 available.


Love and Faith

We may never know the true meaning behind the designs of the handful of Roman Era rings we have chosen to recreate. Rings were among the most popular form of adornment during the last decades of the Republic and the early years of the Empire. Workshops in Rome and the provinces churned out a variety of inscribed, chiselled and sculpted rings by the pound. Some were inscribed with the symbol or number of a legion. Some had a name, a good luck charm or a religious symbol. Some designs may have been chosen for their pleasing appearance alone. But of all the Roman Rings we make this is the most mysterious. The Bird is not the fierce eagle of the Legion, instead it seems a gentler creature. Perhaps a dove. The size of the original is also curious -it would fit only a child or petite woman. And, in the first decades of the first century the Dove had two meanings in the Roman world. The Dove was a symbol of Venus-Aphrodite the old Goddess of Love and the protectoress of brides-to-be. Dove ornaments were a popular gift to girl upon her engagement. But in the first century the Dove took on another role as a secret symbol of Christian converts in a time of Martyrs. We will never know the original meaning of our Roman Dove. Love and Faith, a mysterious gift passed down through the centuries. Our Roman rings are based on bronze originals from the first century (A.D.). The original shows the wear of time. For our re-make we have turned back the clock and made our Roman Bird Ring as it may have been in the years of the Julio-Claudian Ceasars.

As these rings are usually custom orders -made to your size, not the ‘stock’ size- there is generally a three to five week wait. A surcharge will be added for sizes over 11.

Available in Bronze, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold.