St. Andrew’s Cross Earring 1


Cast Bronze and Sterling Silver St. Andrew’s Cross Style Earrings.

This style features lustrous cultured freshwater “Coin” pearls and dark blue Lapis Lazuli.

Approximately two inches long, hooks included.


“Negative space.” Such a “negative” sounding term, isn’t it? A bit post-modern too. But, at heart, in design, negative space simply means that what isn’t there -the spaces in between- matter as much as what is there. And there is nothing new about that concept. These earrings were inspired by late Medeival Church windows. Except we were inspired not by the kaleidoscope of color from the patchwork of glass but by the patterns of the grillwork itself. The metal that held the glass in space. These earrings are miniaturized versions of quatrefoil grilles that once were a window into another world. Now, a window into another time. Cast bronze, garnished with lustrous cultured freshwater “coin” pearls and tiny dark blue Lapis Lazuli. White and blue for St. Andrew. Sterling silver hooks, because your ears deserve nothing less. Fill the space in between.