Tudor Quatrefoil Earring 2


Cast Bronze and Sterling Silver Tudor Style Earrings.

This style features flat discs of bright blue natural American Turquoise.

Approximately one and three quarters of an inch long, hooks included.


Blood red stones -whether Garnet or Ruby- and pearls may have been Elizabeth’s favorite adornment, but we cann’t wear our victory reds all the time. Both the incomperable Kit Marlowe and the incomperable William Shakespeare (fierce rivals and brawling showmen that they were) acknowledged Turquoise as a lover’s stone. A precious blue symbol of virtue and, more significantly, constancy. We love Turquoise because, at its best, it is a clean blue. Un-muddied, a serene blue as if the sky came down to rest for awhile. This is a particularly nice Turquoise. Natural color (stabilized so it won’t break despite being cut into a thin disc barely the size of a dime), American mined and processed. Like the earrings, a work of art. Oh yes, the hooks are sterling silver, your ears deserve nothing less.